A Teenager’s View On Togetic

By Matt

My second favorite Pokemon would have to be Togetic, the Happiness Pokemon! One might ask why this is; usually I just say because it makes me happy. (I’ll explain later). The first time I saw a Togetic was when I was playing Pokemon Coliseum (for the Game Cube). This is a spoiler alert for those who haven’t finished the game, so look away now:

Togetic will be the last Pokemon you have to snag. There was a Master Ball that the hero got in the game that I never used; then when I realized it was the last Pokemon to catch, I figured, why not use it? In SoulSilver version (DS/DSi), I was real happy
when I found out that the egg I received early in the game turned out to be none other than Togepi (which evolves into Togetic). I was a fan of Togetic before its third form, Togekiss, came out in the Sinnoh region.

Although it looks pretty cool, I would rather go old-school style and keep my prized Togetic. I also used it to defeat the Elite Four in Pokemon Soul Silver. It proved helpful with moves such as Last Resort and Fly, which I taught as an HM. PaperPokes, the site I mentioned in the first Favorite Pokemon article, has a Togetic model. It’s a shame that I haven’t had time to make the paper model, otherwise it would look great alongside my paper Quilava.

On the topic of its moves, one I really like is Wish, which heals HP two turns from when it is used. It’s like one of those healing moves, such as Moonlight, Synthesis, Roost, etc. Double-Edge was also one of my favorites, since it dealt a lot of damage. It was kind of a trouble trying to train my Togetic for the Elite Four, since its nature lowered its speed, which is naturally low. Its ability is either Hustle or Serene Grace, based on eggs that I have bred. Hustle increases power, but lowers accuracy. This is one of the reasons that I tried to pick the latter ability; so its moves could actually hit
the enemy.

The Togetic I had in Pokemon Coliseum was frustrating sometimes, because it had the Hustle ability, making some of its moves miss at crucial moments. Now, you’re thinking, why would the guy who wrote this not tell the true reason why he likes Togetic? One reason why I like Togetic as a Pokemon is because it’s a Normal/Flying-type, meaning I can use it to fly around, and normal represents my neutral outlook on many things. I also like how it combines blue and red triangles on some sort of flying creature that evolves from Togepi. But we all like Pokemon for their looks, right?

The third reason is Togetic’s appearance just makes me feel like I have to put it in my team. Those who are huge Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss fans will definitely agree with this. All in all, Togetic makes a great partner, especially because it can cheer
you up when you’re feeling down. They do call it the Happiness Pokemon for a reason!

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