All About Pokemon Charizard

By Jack Snell

Charizard, the most iconic, formidable Pokemon in existence, rests in solitude in the scorching lava pit of Mt. Fire Blast. Rarely has it ever left the confines of the volcano. It is the epitome of power, crashes of its immense tail can destroy cities in one swipe, blusters of its fiery breath can consume all life in its path in literally seconds. For Charizard exudes an aura of rage, one of boundless energy, feeling that it can cremate, decimate and incinerate any foe which incurs its wrath.

When Charizard stamps one of its giant limbs a tremor is created which becomes a brutal earthquake, when Charizard cries, a drenching monsoon befalls the entire planet.

Then in a heartbeat, Charizard soars into the air, as graceful as a dragonfly, as agile as a leopard, swooping across the vast desert. Charizard glides effortlessly on the sun kissed air, every muscle and sinew in its body working in perfect harmony. The vivid sun rays beating down on its body cause its tail flame, its critical life source, to burn with even more intensity.

Then, as Charizard peered down to parouse the dusty dunes, it noticed fellow Pokemons behaviour that it had never seen before. Zigzagoons scurried into their burrows, cowering in fear at the mighty presence in the sky, Cacturnes tried to remain silent still, imitating a real life cactus, in hope that the colossal dragon wouldnt notice them. A single Tangela sat quivering, in the knowledge that one lick of flame would leave its body in cinders.

Charizard was overwhelmingly upset at the way fellow Pokemon reacted to his presence. Despite the powerful image and the dangerous heartless exterior, Charizard is a creature of real emotion like all of us, it no longer felt immortal, it felt vulnerable and alone

There was something deeper plaguing its mind, and Charizard realised it needed to inform the other Pokemon. At this time, it was on the verge of tears and desperately trying to hold back the emotional pain in fear that it could create a downpour which would put out its’ tail flame.

Charizard plummeted through the sky and hovered to a controlled stop, aside a small oasis. No other Pokemon were anywhere to be seen. Charizard sat alone, contemplating how he could ever resolve the rift between himself and other Pokemon. Finally, noticeably depressed at this point a tiny, very timid Vulpix approached him, inquisitive about what was upsetting him. Charizard explained that he means no harm, and has a tale to tell the Pokemon population of the area. Vulpix sceptically alerted all of the Pokemon inhabiting the desert and sure enough one by one, a crowd gathered around Charizard

A long pause ensued until Charizard finally uttered its speech. It told a deep meaningful story entailing its scarred past, how its heart was blackened even before evolution, being disowned by its mother at a young age, and living alone its entire life. With real passion and spirit, it convinced the other Pokemon that it was harmless and its main wish in life was for love and companionship. The other Pokemon were visibly moved by this tale, and apologised to Charizard for judging him on appearance and cowering away from him.

From this day forwards Charizard was percieved in a completely different light and his aim in life was fulfilled. Regardless, Im always there as a companion Charizard, always remember that,

Charizard Fanboy, Jack Snell

With thanks to cast (In order of appearance): Charizard, Zigzagoon, Cacturne, Tangela, Vulpix


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