All About Pokemon Victini

By Emily

In addition to being the first of four hidden legendry Pokemon of the fifth generation, Victini’s item event is also the first official event for the Pokemon Black and White games. This character has a unique ability which no other Pokemon has, and through event distribution can know an attack that can not be learned by any other Pokemon through normal game play.

The item event distribution, which will be available starting on the release of the newest games, will give you a chance to encounter Victini in the game. By bringing the item Liberty Pass to one of the ferries in Castelia City, you will be taken to Liberty Garden, where Victini dwells. After defeating a handful of Team Plasma Grunts, you will be able to interact with Victini and battle it. This battle will probably be the first legendary battle you will have in the game and, like other legendary Pokemon, Victini has a very low catch rate. If you faint it or flee, it will reappear so that you can attempt to catch it again. This feature of respawning legendary Pokemon is not new, but it does not require defeating the Elite Four to activate anymore.

Starting in July, Japan will be able to download a Victini that ties in with the newest pair of movies. It will know a special event-only attack, V-create. This is the most powerful fire-type attack, but it has a recoil that lowers the user’s Defense, Special Defense, and Speed stats. Currently, this is the only Victini that can legally know this attack as the one caught from the item event can not learn this attack through normal level up.

Victory Star is a new ability to come from this generation, and it is the only Pokemon who has it. This ability gives all of your Pokemon an accuracy boost, so it is very useful if you use attacks with lower accuracy. Even if you do not plan to use Victini regularly in your team, carrying it along as an extra member may be a good idea if only to take advantage of Victory Star.

Many of Victini’s attacks are new, and a majority of them are very strong, For example, Searing Shot has a base power of 100, and has a good chance of inducing a burn on whatever Pokemon is hit. To learn this move, you must use the move reteacher, but the price to teach it this attack is very worthwhile. The fire-type equivalent of Zap Cannon, Inferno, is another new attack that it can learn at level 57. The accuracy is somewhat low, even with its ability, but it is guaranteed to burn the target if it hits.

Quite possibly the most unusual option of it’s arsenal of attacks is Final Gambit. It will make Victini faint, but the opponent receives damage equal to what Victini’s HP was when it used the attack. Like the other two moves, this is also exclusive to the fifth generation. Its stat distribution is the same as other secret legendary Pokemon like Mew and Jirachi in that it has base 100 stats. This gives you many ways to train Victini, and its attack options give you a good spread of both physical and special attacks.

Thanks to the diverse move pool and high stats, it will do well no matter how you decide to train it. Despite it being available in the games, it can not be obtained shiny without cheating. This anti-shiny programming is not new for events, but Black and White are the first games to have this feature affect wild Pokemon. Thus any shiny Victini is not legitimate, and Soft Resetting for a shiny version should not be tried. Starting in mid-March, the Pokemon Centers in Japan will be holding a small Victini promotion, where some products featuring the Pokemon can be bought. This is the first promotion for this Pokemon, though many more products will become available as the air date of the movies near.

Victini is certainly an unusual Pokemon, but it makes a perfect team member thanks to its great ability, attacks, and stats. No matter what type of team you’re planning, it is definitely worth thinking about.


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