Ash Ketchum – The Worst Trainer?

By Carl00456

Ash seems like a good Pokemon trainer, however, you must not be fooled by his friendly appearance. What happens to most of his Pokemon at the end of each region? He sends them back to Professor Oak to be forgotten.

I feel sorry for all the Pokemon he’s ever had. Most of them get deceived by Ash’s personality and end up willing to do anything for him. Ash had a great Aipom but he treated it badly, and broke its heart. When Ash left for the Sinnoh region he left Aipom, only for it to come scurrying back in the first episode of the series. Aipom was a great member of the team. Ash did not see that. He was more interested in other Pokemon as he traded Aipom for Buizel.

Ash has had Pikachu for many years now but it looks like he is only getting weaker. Every new region Pikachu ends up getting quickly defeated by a starter Pokemon. What is Ash doing? I guess he’s lazy because Pikachu defeated a Darkrai pretty easily.

I want to take the time to congratulate Ash on his great attempts at the first Sinnoh gym against Roark. I think it took Ash around three times to actually defeat the gym leader. Well done Ash, well done. It amazes me to watch Ash in a Pokemon, especially when he choices the worst Pokemon ever. In Pokemon Black and White, he chooses Oshawott against a grass type Pokemon. I was surprised he won, and that was only because the Pokemon he had obviously had a higher IQ than him, What ever happened to the Ash we used to know? He used to be awesome working with Pikachu, he hardly ever lost. Now every episode is hit or miss.

His Pokemon must be bored by now. Waiting for him, I mean. Charizard was left to train but I don’t see him calling for him. Squirtle went to the Squirtle Squad, just an excuse to be freed of Ash’s torture and terrible training. I don’t see Ash as all bad though. He has trained some pretty tough Pokemon before and he’s even saved a few. When he is constantly failing in Pokemon battles and losing against gym leaders it’s hard to think otherwise.

Another point is that you hardly see merchandise of Ash. Isn’t he supposed to be the main character of Pokemon? Maybe the creators did not want him to represent a ‘good’ Pokemon trainer. There should be a nice and big label on Ash’s head saying ‘level one trainer’ so everyone can see.

Ash is not the perfect trainer, but he sure isn’t the best. I admire and respect his courage and determination gratefully Nevertheless, I cannot lie and dismiss him for what he really is, a bad Pokemon trainer.


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  1. It would improve the series if they made Ash a more realistic successful Pokemon trainer. Have him recover those he released, build up a credible team, and use them correctly (type vs type) in battle. And stop having stupid “impossible in-game” things like electric attacks affecting ground types.

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