Dreams By The Yard Full! Summary and Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the 6th episode of Pokemon Black and White. The episode picks right up from where we left off. Things are looking bad for Ash and Oshawott, but together they orchestrate a stunning comeback victory. Ash earns his first Unova Gym Badge—the Trio Badge. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is doing some reconnaissance work at the Dreamyard. Their involvement results in the emitting of a pink aura. Ash gives his Pokemon to Nurse Joy and is being interviewed by Cilan, when Iris comes rushing in with her Axew glowing pink. Dr. Fennel runs into the Pokemon Center and her Munna eats Axew’s dreams.

A state of crisis is declared over the city and Officer Jenny takes Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Dr. Fennel to the Dreamyard to investigate the disturbance. They arrive on the scene only to find that Team Rocket is up to no good. Team Rocket attempts to kidnap Musharna, but Pikachu and Munna are able to thwart their plans. The energy that was sending Pokemon asleep was stopped. Ash and Iris are ready to head out when Cilan decides to join them.

I’m happy to see that Ash did indeed prevail with Oshawott and earn his Trio Badge. Oshawott thought quickly and used his seashell to deflect the Solarbeam away. I thought Cilan was being a jerk when he started to berate Ash and his Oshawott because they didn’t have enough “spice” and such. The usage of Water Gun to retrieve the seashell was clever. The showdown between Oshawott’s Razor Shell and Pansage’s Bite was a very cool scene. I’m now starting to think of Oshawott as a water type Cubone. So Cilan actually turns out to be a cool guy; all three brothers are graceful winners and losers.

So we’re seeing a lot of Team Rocket and have yet to see any signs of Team Plasma. I like their disguises and glasses. I like round glasses. Anyways, we get to see Audino in this episode. I guess Audino does for Unova what Chansey did for Kanto. Iris is all worried about her sleeping Axew, but I loved the part where Munna eats Axew’s dream and shows it to everybody. Axew looks really happy in the dream and it proceeds to evolve into Fraxure and again into Haxorus.

Whoa! I totally did not expect hair that short on the Unova Officer Jenny. She has a nicer car, but I think the Kanto sisters look better. I guess the dream energy puts Pokemon into a deep sleep that only Munna and Musharna can awaken (maybe Pokemon like Haunter could too). From Axew’s happy dream, it didn’t seem to warrant such panic. I think we do get a glimpse of Team Plasma in the flashback of the lab where Dr. Fennel was working with Musharna.

I think it’s absurd when Meowth says, “I am the wisest of the wise, Meowth!” It was good to see Team Rocket complete their mission and not disappoint their boss and I liked how Jessie used Woobat to escape instead of trying to battle. Personally, I think it’s about time James has caught a Pokemon. I predict he’ll catch a Timburr or a Tympole. I want to see him with a Maractus, Whirlipede, or Throh. Musharna looks really big next to Dr. Fennel, it’s ridiculous. I definitely did not image that from playing the game. I’m not too excited about Cilan joining Ash, only because this probably means that Cheren and Bianca won’t be journeying with Ash in the anime.





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