General Knowledge Of The Fire Type Pokemon

By Boyd Nixon

The fire type is one of the many types of pokemon and is in my opinion, one of the best. They are an all around good type because they usually can learn very powerful moves such as fire blast and eruption but can also learn power-boosting moves such as sunny day. Fire moves are super effective against bug, grass, ice, and steel types, doing two times damage to a foe with one or more of those types combined. They only do half damage to rock, dragon, fire, and water. Although they are damaged twice as much by ground, rock, and water moves but most fire types can learn a move called solar beam, a grass type move, which is super effective against the types that are super effective to fire types.

Fire types generally have high stats in attack and special attack but in some cases, they also have high speed and sometimes defense and special defense. They generally have low HP (health points) stats but you can EV (effort value) train them in the HP stat so they are not so low on the HP stat. It is good to have attack moves that are mostly based on special attack (moves such as flamethrower, flame wheel, etc,) being of course non-physical. Physical fire moves include flare blitz, blaze kick, and fire punch. It is only recommended to use physical fire moves if your pokemon has high attack and speed, otherwise, they are not that useful. If you wish to use physical moves with a fire pokemon, I recommend the pokemon Infernape because of its high attack and speed stats. Be warned, if you want to use mono-fire types, or types that solely fire, do not use infernape as it is fire/fighting. (contrary to popular belief, charizard is not the most powerful fire type but it is a good pokemon.)

Fire type moves are very powerful most of the time with most of the moves being 90 power or above, with some being as high as 150 power! Their moves can leave a burn on the foe burning them for a small amount of damage after every turn. Most moves only have a 10% chance of burning the opponent but some can have a 30% chance. One move, will-o-wisp, has a 100% of burning the foe but it doesn’t cause any damage on the initial impact. It is a good move if you just want to slowly wittle down the opponent’s health such as trying to catch a hard-to-catch pokemon like a legendary. It is recommended you save the game before attempting though because you may accidently kill the pokemon you burned. Fire moves are one of the few move types that are super effective against the steel type. If you are a contest type person, I recommend using fire types for beauty contests. Contest wise, fire type moves are generally in the beauty category.

The fire types in the first generation were mostly pure types excluding charizard and moltres, who are fire/flying. Generation II didn’t introduce many new fire types but they were good pokemon. Generation III also didn’t introduce many new types either, but it did bring about a few new moves that were greatly needed. Generation IV is known for the lack of fire types it created but it did introduce magmortar, a nice addition to the magmar line. The newest generation, generation V, brought about more than 10 new fire pokemon with most of them being dual types.

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