How To Capture Legendary Pokemon

By Legendary Luna

Hello Pokemon fans this is Legendary Luna coming to you on the awesome Pokezine website! Well most of us love legendary Pokemon do we not? So since I am Legendary Luna I have pretty much am obsessed with legends so here are some tips to help you capture legendary Pokemon in the games.

First off if it’s the type that flee from battle after a hit (examples are: Entei, Latios, Latias, exc), my best advice is to get a Golbat that knows mean look and then a Pokemon that knows the move “sing” to put the legendary to sleep. After this make the legends HP low into the red zone and then try to capture it. Note that the mean look does wear off so once the legend is asleep, switch out your Pokemon with the sing move and replace with a Pokemon that knows mean look. As soon as HP is low enough, use pokeballs to capture it. You do not need a master ball or cheats to obtain legends, only true masters know how to capture Pokemon without using cheats!

For me whenever I’m trying to capture legends I usually use great balls instead of my master ball. Now for the one legendary I did use my master ball on was Zekrom since I did not know whether or not my Pokemon were going to be revived by N or what not. So I hoped this helped with the games because now it’s onto collecting legends in real life!

Yes I am also a legendary Pokemon collector in real life and I live in a secret region where legendary Pokemon are my friend and we all get along and sing songs and… ok on to the advice. The best place to buy Pokemon merchandise is Japan! But if your not lucky enough to live in Japan well don’t be sad for there is an amazing site with four thousand plus Pokemon toys! The website is! Yes Brian has everything and is very nice! If you are looking for something special just email him and he will try to go out and catch your Pokemon for you ;)! IT is by far the best site for Pokemon shopping.

The worst place to shop is the famous fakebay opps I mean eBay… if you see Pokemon for really cheap like prosay an Eevee pokedoll and its only five dollars and free shipping and if it comes from China, its fake. Also look and see if they have tags before buying in the pictures. I bought a fifty-dollar Zoroark for my collection and it was a fake! Another place to look is Craigslist. Don’t get your hopes up though very rare you find anything worthwhile. Well that’s it for this article this is Legendary Luna blasting off again ;)!!!

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