How To Counter The Metagame


In the Pokemon Card Game, some hardcore players will use the word “metagame.” Basically the metagame includes all the amazing cards and decks currently in the tournament legal format. People say the metagame changes whenever a new expansion is released or when a killer strategy is produced by the game’s players. As of right now, the format includes cards from HeartGold SoulSilver up to Noble Victories. The metagame was changed once again and here’s an overview of how to counter the latest emerging strategies.

Electric type decks have made a huge comeback. They are popular because of the Electric-type Pokemon Eelektrik and its Dynamotor ability. This ability allows the player to grab an Electric energy card from the discard pile and attach it to anything on your bench. This is excellent for energy acceleration and setting up Pokemon on your bench. Paired with Magnazone, Tornadus, Thundurus, and/or Magnazone you have a very destructive deck. This deck is commonly referred to as “Eelektrik Kicks” or “Eels” among fans.

The best counter for Eelektrik Kicks decks and many other popular Electric-type decks, like Zekrom-Pachirisu-Shaymin a.k.a. “ZPS,” is a Donphan based deck. The Fighting-type hits hard with a 60 damage attack that only costs one Fighting-type energy card. Not only does it have great offense, but the defense is solid, too. It has a Poke-Body called “Exoskeleton” that reduces all damage done to Donphan from attacks by 20 points. Most Electric-types have a weakness to Fighting, which means Donphan’s attack will hit their opponents hard with 120 damage on every turn.

Another emerging deck in the metagame is called “Two Scoops” by most players. It uses a Vileplume, Vanilluxe and Victini combination. This deck can be slow to start since both Vileplume and Vanilluxe are both stage two Pokemon. Nonetheless, once the Two Scoops get rolling there’s no stopping them. With Trainer Cards blocked from use by Vileplume both players are “Trainer Locked.” Plus, Vanilluxe can paralyze the opponent with its Double Freeze attack. This attack is luck based, but that’s where Victini comes in to save the day. It has an ability that lets the player re-flip a coin when used for an attack.

Tech in a Cobalion and you’ll have a strong attacker to take out this formidable frozen nightmare. It is a Steel-type and most of the Water-types are weak against it. Another way to beat this engine is to play Cobalion, Electrode and Kyurem as a team. Spread damage with Kyurem and then use Electrode for energy acceleration. Cobalion remains your main attacker in this line up. Another strategy is to just take out every Oddish using the Catcher card as soon as you see it put on the bench. Do not let it evolve so you can stay out of the Trainer Lock.

Overall you will see these two decks at your local City Championships and probably at State Championships, as well. The next two sets are Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard (if the name doesn’t change in the USA). The metagame will change again, but always remember to look for tech options and type weaknesses to counter whatever comes your way.



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