Is There A Pokemon Center In The US?

What is The Pokemon Center?

The Pokemon Center is a specialist store for Pokemon goods, and can be found in 6 locations – Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Yokohama and Sapporo. All of which are in Japan. The wide range of original Pokemon Center goods are the most popular items found at the Pokemon Center. If you want Pokemon goods, you know the Pokemon Center is the place to go! It is a Pokemon fan’s paradise.

Is there a Pokemon Center in the US?

The Pokemon Center is a must see destination for any Pokemon fan. Here in the United States we can only dream of a place that is entirely devoted to Pokemon- and there once was. For all of you looking for a Pokemon Center in the US, let me end your search. There was once a Pokemon Center in New York, but don’t go searching because you won’t find it.

Once upon a time in Rockefeller Plaza, there was a Pokemon Center that sold official Japanese merchandise and was run by The Pokemon Company International. However lack of sales brought Pokemon off of the shelves and more popular merchandise in. In January 2005, the only US Pokemon Center was renamed “The Nintendo World Store” and now carries much less merchandise than any original Pokemon Center. Occasionally we are lucky enough to find a selection of older Pokemon dolls, however the store is more committed to the sale of video games. Currently Pokemon plush are being sold for Black and White, but who knows how long that will last.

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Since then, many Pokemon fans have been forced to settle for bidding on Ebay, which has become overrun by cheap Pokemon knock offs. Considering that The Pokemon Center does not have an option to shop online, options are very limited. However, if you are a serious collector of Pokemon plush and trading cards, as am I, you should head over to Hardrock-Pokemon,  where they sell the largest collection of Japanese imports directly from the Pokemon Centers in Japan. In a way, Hardrock-Pokemon is the closest thing we have to a Pokemon Center in the United States, so give it a look; because it is the only place you can find guaranteed authentic Pokemon merchandise straight from the Pokemon Centers in Japan.

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