Mesprit, The Legendary Lake Pokemon

By Anonymous

A legendary Pokemon is an ancient being who has powers, powers that helped doing something extraordinary. It is usually a Pokemon that only one of it exists. Meaning that is extremely rare. Some legendary Pokemon may not seem as such, but there are duplicates. In the anime a good example of this is Articuno, the legendary bird Pokemon of Kanto, it is an ice type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon. It was seen on an icy mountain, the frontier brain of the Battle Factory has one, and it is seen in the second movie, Pokemon 2000: The Power of One. Psychic type legendary Pokemon are very cool because they will usually have high attack stats and can confuse their opponents.

One of the Pokemon is Mesprit. Mesprit is a psychic type legendary Pokemon. Legend says it is one of the beings of the Sinnoh region. T is the spirit of emotion. This Pokemon has the power to wipe all the emotions out of someone’s mind. There is fan speculation that Mesprit did this to Cyrus when he was young, making him have no emotions. Mesprit lives in Lake Verity. Which is just to the west of Sandgem Town, the town Professor Rowan, the Sinnoh Pokemon professor lives in.

You won’t be able to capture Mesprit until after you beat the Pokemon League. When you arrive in it’s cave, Mesprit will be awaiting. Mesprit will not just battle you however. It will look at you for a few seconds and vanish. It is not over though. Mesprit is wanting to play a game with you, it will be wandering the Sinnoh region, if you find it in the wild you can do one attack to it. It will then vanish, or flee from the battle. In the anime, Mesprit is seen briefly by Dawn when she first starts her journey. It is also seen when they are fighting Cyrus and Team Galactic. This is because Mesprit and the other legendary lake Pokemon have the power of the Original One. He can extract the red chain and use it to control Dialga and Palkia. Do you like Mesprit? Is Mesprit your favorite out of the trio?

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