Mewtwo, The Ultimate Pokemon

By Anonymous

I am almost positive that everyone has heard of the extremely powerful Pokemon Mewtwo. Mewtwo was created using Mew’s DNA. Mew has genetic relations with all Pokemon if I remember. Mewtwo was created in a lab funded by Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket. Giovanni wants to create an extremely powerful Pokemon and they succeeded, they created the legendary Mewtwo. Mewtwo couldn’t control his powers, he was just that powerful. Giovanni tricked him by giving Mewtwo special armor so he could control him. Giovanni at the time was the Viridian City gym leader.

Purely to test out new Pokemon and see their power. Mewtwo became suspicious and didn’t want to work with Giovanni. He broke out and blew up the lab. Mewtwo found his own island that he used to clone Pokemon. He believed that the clones can destroy the originals. The legendary Mew wished to show him that there is no difference and humans aren’t bad. Currently Mewtwo lives at Cerulean Cave in the Kanto region. Cerulean Cave is of course located in Cerulean City. Mewtwo, I think, is at level seventy and still extremely powerful. Mewtwo is one of the hardest Pokemon you would ever have to capture. He has incredible special attack. Mewtwo is a psychic type Pokemon, just like Mew. Just don’t forget that Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, designed to have incredible powers. You would need a lot of Pokeballs to even attempt to capture this beast.

Mewtwo is Pokemon number 150 I believe. He is one of the final Kanto Pokemon, Mew being last. Due to Mewtwo being a clone of Mew as stated before, he has the word two after the name Mew. This is because he was made to be Mew, or the second Mew. Thus, being named Mewtwo. Cerulean Cave has a lot of powerful Pokemon ranging in the level fifty and up area. Only the most powerful and skilled Pokemon trainers have permission to enter Cerulean Cave because of this. If you manage through the puzzles and the powerful Pokemon, Mewtwo will be waiting for you. Do you have the skills to battle the legendary, incredibly powerful Mewtwo?


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