My Pokemon Ranch In-Depth

By Matt

In addition to what I have mentioned in the beginning, My Pokemon Ranch also has some other features regarding internet. You can send your pictures to other’s Wiis through WiiConnect24, which is like Wi-Fi Connection, but with only those you know. The ranch’s levels allow you to deposit a certain number of Pokemon in, up to 1,000 at the last level. Starting from level 20, or having 500 Pokemon in the ranch, will allow you to have the maximum number on the ranch. More Miis can be placed in the ranch to interact up to a maximum of 20, starting at level 11, when you have 100 of them on the ranch. This allows you to skip levels.

For example, if you have a ranch at level 10, it can hold a maximum of 200 Pokemon. You can immediately get the ranch to level 14 if you deposit enough Pokemon so the ranch has 200. The last level is 25, and it will support 1,000. There was an update for this game, but its only in Japan. This gave much more features to the game, like a new title screen. It also supports Sinnoh legendaries, like Giratina, Palkia, or Dialga. Shaymin’s two forms were also supported, and there is a certain Poke Toy, the Glacidia Flower, which will change it to either Land or Sky Form if Shaymin touched it.The ranch also had level 26 added, which supported up to 1,500.

Something I forgot to mention was animations, which would happen when you left your Wii Remote unattended. The Pokemon would do some sort of group activity, like piling on top of each other, or gathering around in a circle. More animations would happen; Water-types now have a featured animation where they can race with each other. Those that have a bitter and traditional rivalries (like Dialga and Palkia, or to a less extreme extent, Zangoose and Seviper, the sworn enemies of Hoenn) will be shown fighting on some occasions.

On the topic of photos, you can keep 10 more in your system memory, with a total of 30 pictures. If the regular background music isn’t that satisfying, it could be changed to a different theme. You could also visit Club Look-See’s ranches without them having to visit you. Of course, with change to the game, comes change to their ranches. The members of Club Look-See have added many (of the same species of Pokemon) to their ranches. You also have the ability to visit any member that has visited you in the past’s ranch, calling for better accessibility. There are three new members, making the total 40, compared to 37 in the regular version. One thing I have to object is that it wasn’t released outside of Japan. I would have definitely got the free update if it was released here in the United States. But life goes on, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that tells me My Pokemon Ranch is a great way to find new favorites, and have fun interacting with your original favorites.


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