New Call Of Legends Pokemon Cards

By Joey DiGiacomo

Reprints! That’s right the new Pokemon cards will be nothing but reprints. They have been out for just a few days, and I have opened about five packs. I did not get one holographic card. I hope this does not happen to people that always buy cards. There is a lack of new artwork, but I am sure there is some. The starters that are common in this set are Totodile, Chikorita, and Cyndaquil. The artwork in these cards can not be any older than two years. The holographic card that I am looking for is a card that I already got in reverse holographic form, it is Deoxys. That card has great and very detailed artwork, and looks amazing.

When you first look at the packs you are automatically drawn to them, and you want to get as many as you can. The pack artwork is actually one of the biggest parts, because they kind of have a holographic feel to them. Even though I think the previous artwork is good, I believe these are better. The older packs had a very unrealistic feel. This sets artwork makes the Pokemon look more realistic, and they have legendary Pokemon on the cover. There is not to much to look forward to in the packs. When people call this a bad set they have to realize that this is just kind of like an intro to the new generation of Pokemon cards.

The new generation is a set you can look forward to, but this set is boring, and lacking good cards. There are many rare cards in this set that are not holographic, but they were in a previous set. I actually like the fact that some of the previous holographic cards are now just regular rare cards. I think this is a set that some people will just not want to purchase any packs, and just wait for the new generation of cards.

I decided to pick up some packs, and I don’t think I am regretting it, but I will only get a few more before the new Black & White cards come out. This set is okay, but if you are a fan of the cards I suggest you try to find some packs and get some until the new generation comes out.

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