Oklahoma Pokemon Battle Roads


Hey Guys! I know it’s a little late, but I attended and competed at my very first Battle Roads in Oklahoma. I have never been a part of the meta-game. My only experience came back in ’98-’99 when the series started. I pretty much just battled friends with my Rain Dance and Haymaker decks. I used an Reshiboar deck because it was my cheapest option and I had already bought the Red Frenzy Starter Deck. Reshiphlosion is also one the cheaper decks out there, but I personally like Reshiboar better. I like to call my deck “Budgetboar,” because of the low cost contents. I was only able to run 2-2 of Pokemon Collector and Rare Candy. Most of the cards in my deck I pulled from packs, except for 2 Ability Emboars and HeartGold SoulSilver Ninetails, which I bought. There were over 20 Masters participants, and we played 5 rounds of Swiss.

Match 1: My start really drained my confidence. I had hopes to make Top Cut, but I mulliganed 3 times and went second. I shrugged off the competitive nerves and looked forward to enjoy myself. Afterall, this was my very first event. My first match would be against a MegaZone variant. By Turn 2, he had a Magnezone, a Yanmega, and pretty much a full bench. Luckily, I was able to use Pokemon Collector to get a Reshiram, Tepig, and Vulpix. He seemed like he was in a good position, but mentioned that he wasn’t getting what he needed. I kept my hand large (10+ cards) thanks to a good Interviewer’s Question to prevent his Yanmega from attacking.

I was waiting for the inevitable Judge or Copycat, but I never recall him using one. They may have been discarded with Sage’s Training. Our battle was the last of Round One, and eventually the Judge called time. On Turn 1, I was able to knockout one of his Pokemon, and tied the game (we both had 2 or 3 left). On Turn 2, he used Linear Attack on my Ninetails. On the last turn, it looked like the game was going to go to sudden death because I couldn’t knockout his active Magnezone. I knew I had a Junk Arm in my deck. If I were able to get it, I’d be able to win the game by getting my one and only copy of Pokemon Catcher in my discard pile. I used a PONT, and drew the game-clinching Junk Arm. This game was a cliffhanger and I shook my opponent’s hand for a great first game.


Match 2: My second match start went better as I only mulliganed once. He flipped over his cards showing an Active Phanpy and already had Kyougre-Groudon Legend on the bench. I was intimidated, but I pressed on. On my first turn, I used 2 Pluspowers, and used Professor Juniper. I forgot what I ended up discarding, but I know that I struggled with my decision. I was able to set up a fast Emboar, but I lost my Vulpix to a Pokemon Catcher. We traded prizes as his Donphan took out a Tepig and a Vulpix, but I was able to knockout his Donphan with one Blue Flare (the one shot was possible because I previously used 2 Pluspowers and attacked his Phanpy with Tepig). He didn’t get a single Energy on his Legend and I was able to knock it out for 2 prizes. I was able to get Reshiram going and ended up winning.


Match 3: My next match was against a familiar face from the Emerging Powers Pre-Release. Unfortunately, she had a bad start and ended up topdecking, unable to get a draw card. I don’t think she even got a Reshiram out. I got Emboar on Turn 3, and was able to clear her field.


Match 4: My first loss came to a PrimeTime deck. He went first and got 2 Magnezone and Yanmegas set up. I was getting dead draws and never got set up Ninetails or Emboar. Eventually, he got out 4-5 Primes. He used Seeker to make me take back my only Benched Pokemon, and knocked out my Active Reshiram with Lost Burn.


Match 5: At this point, I knew that if I won my last match, I would be in pretty good shape to make Top Cut. My opponent started with a lone Tepig, and benched a Torkoal, but failed to burn my Active. I was able to get an Emboar by Turn 3, and I rode Reshiram for the win. The pressure was off and I let out a sigh of relief as I happily waited for the results. I played a rematch for fun. The rematch went down to the wire, but I was able to take my last prize before my opponent.

Top Cut: The results were in, and I had made Top Cut! Unfortunately, I was unaware that the event would take so long, and I had other plans. Fortunately, I was seeded 3, and my friend was seeded 2. We played the first match for fun, but I told him that I would concede either way. He ran a ZPST and while he didn’t get the donk, he ended up winning as I never got fully set up.

I was happy for my friend and wished him luck to win it all. I was totally stoked to have placed 3rd. My friend ended up losing to the same guy that beat me with PrimeTime. I had a great time, but Battle Roads was full of tension. You could feel the disappointment in the air. Anyways, I will cherish my Victory Cup card and that’s my report.

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