Pikachu : Gotta Dance! Synopsis

By TokoyamiTheDark

The mini-movie begins with our hero’s Pokemon finding a strange building. Inside, Team Rocket leaves Meowth in a luxury room and tells him to take care of the room while they’re away until the Boss will come. So, three Whismur holding maracas are under Meowth’s supervision, which then make a stick appear in his paws. The stick has the ability to control Pokemon to make them dance to the music (exept the one holding it) so Whismur, Wobbuffet, Cacnea and Seviper all begin to dance with Meowth holding the stick. But then, Seviper chases the Whismur, which get locked in a jail by Meowth so he can eat all what he can without being disturbed.

Then, Meowth is daydreaming ; he imagines the Boss being so happy with the dance stick, he get rid of his Persian and takes Meowth home. Meanwhile, Pikachu and the other discover a small entrance to the building. Pikachu decides to go, but everyone else follows, and they fall on the room where the Whismur are held captive! Doing their best to break the lock, Pikachu, Torchic and Mudkip all use their attacks, which makes enough noise for Meowth to hear. Pikachu, hearing Meowth, Wobbuffet, Cacnea and Seviper coming, tells everyone to hide in the barrels. When Mewoth open the door, he is astonished; the Whismur are gone ; or are they? His musical stick flew of to one of the barrels, hitting a Pokemon’s head, and starting the music! This time, not even Meowth is spared from the song, but once it’s over, the good ol’ rivarly begins! Meowth gets angry while the other Pokemon are fleeing everywhere in the luxury room. Party balls explode with confetti, blankets are torn off, windows are broken, while a Loudred and a Ludicolo dances the Salsa. Everyone goes outside exept for Loudred, which still dances alone.

Outside, whe Whishmur flees while being chased by Meowth and his cronies. There are various building tops, like a windmill, a castle, and much more. Obliviously, Meaowth and his cronies aren’t doing any good, as Cacnea accidently drops a bucket on Seviper, Wobbuffet has difficulty chasing the Whismur through the Windmill and Meowth drops his musical stick while feuding with Pikachu! The music starts again, with everyone dancing. Loudred come out of a wall and breaks it, Ludicolo hops on the roof of a toy house and destroy all tiles on it , Treecko saves Mudkip from falling in an abyss…and Meowth dances with Pikachu! However, the stick, being stuck in sand, becomes weaker and weaker and weaker… then explodes! A VERY ANGRY Loudred then chases everyone with a stick of steel, trying to hit the Pokemon as they run away. The chase is long and painful, but Meowth finally finds a hole too big for Loudred and drags everyone in there. But Loudred ain’t stupid, and with one swing, breaks a part of the wall and enter the hole! And for the final smash, he breaks the middle pillar, and everything begins to shake! But nothing happens…whoops!

The floor flies off with all Pokemon on it, and Loudred’s weight break the platform in two, leaving itself with Team Rocket’s Pokemon! The Whismur are finally freed from their prison and everyone says their good-byes at the beautiful sunset. Then, a small scene where an exausted Meowth shows on, where he open a door, but nothing’s on the other side, and the tower collapses while Meowth shouts : « This is NOT my day! » I always wondered what would be the faces of the Rockets when they will come back ^^’


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