Pokemon Arceus

By Anonymous

There are strong Pokemon out their. The strongest of all are probably and most likely legendary Pokemon. These legendary Pokemon range from all types and all different types of power. One of the strongest of these Pokemon is the Original One. The Pokemon that has the powers to design worlds. It can create worlds of all sorts. It is a very strong Pokemon. This Pokemon is known as Arceus.

Arceus’s location is closest to the Spear Pillar, where it is believed to be the place where the Sinnoh started and was created. Arceus is a normal type Pokemon, but is he? His main form is, of course. But Arceus uses items called plates. There is a plate for every type, from steel to dragon to fire to ice. There is one for every single type of pokemon, this is pretty cool and surprising in many ways. It is a very enjoyable thing to have the powers Arceus does. How this works is a Pokemon can hold one item when in battle. If you give a normal Pokemon a plate, for example, give Squirtle a Splash Plate. It will slightly increase the power of Water Gun , when Squirtle uses this attack it will have Water Gun used  but slightly more powerful. If you give an Arceus the Splash Plate, which is the water type Pokemon plate. Arceus will no longer be a normal type Pokemon, instead it will look like an icy blue on it’s body and it will become a water type Pokemon. This works with all types, you can have a dragon or steel type Arceus, or a ice or ghost type Pokemon, if you own the plate, you can change Arceus’s type.

Arceus has a special attack known as Judgment. Judgement is a strong attack and only Arceus can use it. This attack is set to be a normal type attack, but if given a plate Arceus’s attack will be the same type as Arceus is at that time. It is pretty cool, you can make Arcceus a dragon type and have a powerful dragon type Judgement. Arceus is also the star of the twelfth Pokemon movie, Arceus and the Jewel of Life. Arceus is a pretty cool legendary Pokemon, isn’t he?


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