Pokemon Black And White: Elite Four Overview

By Matt

Like every previous Pokemon game, there is always one final challenge a Trainer must face in order to become the Champion, or in other words, the ultimate Pokemon Trainer. In Pokemon Black and White, the rule is no different. At the Pokemon League, the entry on the left is for the Pokemon Center and Poke Mart, which will prepare you for the last test. The gate in the middle leads to the Elite Four. I recommend you stock up completely on items and save the game before you go inside. That way, if you’re going to lose, you can restart and anticipate what will happen next time. Unlike all the other games, you have the option of taking the Elite Four in any order that you want. If you are lazy and don’t want to change your lineup, fight the member that your lead Pokemon would fare well against. If you talk to the statue, it will tell you the kinds of Pokemon that each member specializes in. Basically, the room west of you has Ghost-types, the one northwest, Dark-types, northeast, Psychic-types, and east, Fighting-types. In my opinion, it’s kind of strange to have these kinds of trainers, since Pokemon with these types are less common than those of elemental descent (i.e. Fire, Water, Electric, etc.).

However, I like the new challenge, and it’s quite fun to fight them with the freedom of choice. Like every Elite Four, the members start out with weaker Pokemon, and they do not have a full team. Their teams consist of four Pokemon that have the type they specialize in, and each, as usual, have Full Restores to heal their Pokemon. It’s strange how Elite Four members have no hold items for their Pokemon; I was expecting a little challenge, as well as ways to get around the effects of them. Each Elite Four member has three level 48 Pokemon, and the last one at level 50. This changes after you beat the game; each member will have a full team with more Pokemon, starting at level 71, and the last at level 73. What’s interesting is that the Elite Four do not send their Pokemon out in order each time, but their first Pokemon always stays the same. Remember, there’s no Pokemon Centers once you step in, but between battles, you’re free to use any item you want.

Once you defeat all four, talk to the statue, which will take you down to fight the Champion. This is kind of a Spoiler Alert, but if you haven’t beaten the game, you will have to fight N, and then Ghetsis, thus toppling Team Plasma’s castle, which is erected around the Pokemon League. You will also have to catch Reshiram or Zekrom, depending on your game. The Elite Four today still remains a valuable resource for gaining money, training weak Pokemon via the EXP Share, and good memories from fighting them the first several times.


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