Pokemon Center Reshiram And Zekrom Pokedolls

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have released two new pokedolls, Reshiram and Zekrom. These two new pokedolls are bigger than the normal pokedolls. Similar in size to the DX pokedolls of Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai that were sold back in 2007, but slightly smaller. They are about 2-3 times as big as a normal pokedoll.

Reshiram Pokedoll
2011 Reshiram Large Pokedoll

Zekrom Pokedoll
2011 Zekrom Large Pokedoll

Both the Reshiram pokedoll and the Zekrom pokedoll are made with very nice soft material. The eyes are very nicely stitched and they stand up on their own without falling over like some other Pokemon pokedolls. I really like how these are made. Unfortunately the price was more than double the normal pokedoll price, so they cost a more to buy. But they are worth it. Who knows, maybe they will make an even smaller version of these in the future to match the size of the other pokedolls. Nobody knows for sure yet. I for one, hope they do. Because its hard to visualize how big they are, here is a youtube video that I made that shows a size comparison next to a Snivy pokedoll.

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  1. Hello.
    Does anyone know where I can possibly find the Reshiram pokedoll in Singapore?:)
    I don’t even mind the second-hand ones,I’d give a hundred for it.

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