Pokemon Dream World – Dream Bridge

By Matt

It’s time again to talk about the Pokemon Dream World! Today, I will be covering the basics of the Dream Bridge, which is the bridge that connects your world and the Pokemon of the Dream World. To get there, go to the left of the Berry Garden or to the right of your Share Shelf. The Dream Bridge is a rainbow, and when you click on it, it will ask you if you want to go.

If you’re playing for the first time, you will land in the Pleasant Forest. (If you’ve played enough, you can unlock other places, like the sky or the sea). On the top left, you will see that there is a diagram showing how many steps left to get to the Tree of Dreams. You can take that many steps, and you’ll end up there. Use the arrows to get around. Once you find something sparkling, click on it and you will get either an item or a Berry. If a bush is shaking, click on it, and a wild Pokemon will come out. These are different; remember, they always have Hidden Abilities, but that will not be shown until you befriend it by playing a random game. Pokemon will spawn without having to click on a bush. You can choose to play or not, depending on if you have it already. Pokemon will also appear in the water; you have to watch carefully, or just click around if you are lazy.

You will also have the chance to play one of four various games, and if you meet the goal of that game, you can add it to your party of befriended Pokemon. When you arrive at the Tree of Dreams, you can click around and see the many kinds of Pokemon other players have left in the Dream World. Click at the bottom of the Tree to make a wish to add a Pokemon to your party. Pick carefully and wisely; you can only get one Pokemon per visit. If you decide to leave, you can visit the Dream Island again and add even more Pokemon to your party. However, if you pick a Pokemon, be warned that the bridge will close for about another 24 hours when you leave. Berries and Pokemon will spawn for a few times that you visit, but when you keep visiting, they will disappear, most likely to prevent abuse of the system. You can keep visiting, but it’s redundant, since there will be nothing there. Just go to the Tree of Dreams and pick a Pokemon. (They will only have one move, but when you befriend it after sending it to the Entralink, you can see that it has four different moves.) You can see how many Pokemon you have transferred in the Friend Board in your house, or check your profile in the Global Link for the six most recent ones. It is definitely a very exciting experience to play with Pokemon that have unique Hidden Abilities.

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