Pokemon Dream World

By Matt

The Pokemon Dream World is the central aspect of using the Pokemon Global Link, found on www.pokemon-gl.com. It was scheduled to open on March 30th, 2011, for international use, but the recent earthquake/tsunami that devastated Japan will force the site’s grand opening to be delayed.

However, the Dream World is not to be taken lightly: you can only visit for one hour, then after your visit, you must wait another twenty-four hours to go back again. This is probably to prevent abuse of players who just want to get more region-exclusive Pokemon to send to the Entralink.

You will first wind up at your house, which is empty except for a treasure chest and a notice board. If you take items out of the treasure chest, it can be sent to Entralink, where you can take the items by going north of where you arrive when you warp. The notice board will tell you the Pokemon that are waiting to be sent to your Entralink, as well as the Pokemon you have already sent. You can find Pokemon by going to the Dream Isle, where you can play mini-games to befriend them (and send them to the Entralink), and find items at the same time.

Depending on how well you play the mini-games (score-wise), your Pokemon that you caught will have either weak or strong moves. Another part of the Dream World is the Berry Field, where you can plant berries, and harvest them too for Dream Points. Your friends can also visit your island if they have your friend code registered, and water your berries as well. Usually, they take about 24 hours to grow. These berries can either be used as a form of currency to buy various items (like furniture for your house). As you collect more Dream Points (for doing various tasks, like watering your berries or sending Pokemon to your Entralink), you can gain access to more rows of berries (900 points for a third row, 2100 for a fourth row).

Furniture, like mentioned before, will make your house look pretty fly. However, you can’t send your berry-currency to your Entralink. You have to talk to a girl in Nacrene City who will make your furniture for you. The furniture is kind of expensive, depending on what you want to get. Based on the furniture you buy (some are free), you can make different themes for your house, or just make it look its best. In my opinion, just by looking at it, interacting with your friends is going to be real fun. I forgot to mention that there’s an item shelf on another part of your Dream World; you can place items there, and trade with your friends, who can check on it.

Despite time-based restrictions, I have the utmost confidence that the Dream World will be a huge turning point in the game of Pokemon. Although it has been delayed, I’m positive that the Global Link will be worth the wait. I hope that they can make a Dream World that can update consistently, too!


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