Pokemon Global Link – Eevee’s Evolutions Event

By Matt

The Pokemon Global Link has featured one event that allows you to get a new Pokemon. This is the only one so far, so expect more to come in the future. Starting in around April, the Global Link had launched a promotion for the dedicated players who signed up when it opened. The event started around April, and ended May 19th, 2011. Specifically, the game that had to be played in order to obtain the Pokemon ended on that date.

It was very exclusive, seeing as the time to encounter it in the Dream World was about one month later, and one couldn’t play the game once the event ended. The game was called “To Befriend a Pokemon”, and its concept was very simple. Like a few games on the Pokemon Trainer Zone site, this game’s build was similar to that of Brick Breaker. The objective is simply to break the tiles with the ball provided. You can control a small platform at the bottom to let the ball bounce of when it reached the bottom. Once all the tiles from a certain stage are cleared, one can proceed to the next stage; this process continues to the last stage, which is the fifth.

Instead of just a plain game of Brick Breaker, there were a couple of modifications to the simple concept of just watching a ball bounce of surfaces. Like many alterations to the spin-offs today, there is a Pokemon-themed twist to this game. My memory of this game has faded, since it is a very exclusive game, but I’ll do my best to remember everything. Along with the tiles came spheres that were colored with a certain element. The element is restricted to a certain element of any one of Eevee’s evolutions: Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, and Ice.

When you hit it, you would get extra points. The hidden mechanic here is that the most spheres you hit will get you that element of Eevee’s evolution, so keep that in mind. Each stage doesn’t feature every element; the first stages feature the Kanto evolutions, followed by the Johto evolutions, and, finally, the Sinnoh evolutions. And the game could be played with multiple times in order to get the evolution you wanted. Some might be thinking it isn’t a big deal, but these evolutions are extremely rare in that they have the featured Hidden Ability for their species. Plus, they are male, and if you know a lot about breeding, it means that their Ability can not be passed on. Once you send them via Entralink, you will find them at level 10 in the Entrée Forest. Their nature is completely random, but their moves are basic, much like a newly hatched Eevee. You can catch it at a 100% rate with any ball, so you could make it themed if you want to. I’m looking forward to much more exclusive Pokemon releases in the future.


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