Pokemon GTS Negotiations

By Matt

Another possible option for trading is through GTS Negotiations. When talking to the attendant in the Pokemon center, you can choose GTS Negotiations under the Trade section. This will connect you to Wi-Fi and will display three options. The first one is a trade with anyone in the world, and is a good choice for those who haven’t traded yet. You can set up requirements for the Pokemon you want. These sections are divided into level wanted, kind of Pokemon wanted, or the kind you have. There is no real list of specific Pokemon, so it is divided into groups normally seen at Contests: Strange, Beauty, Cute, Cool, etc.

After the GTS has found you a match, you will see the Trainer’s name, location (if registered in GeoNet), number of trades, and personal message (what is on the bottom of your Trainer Card). When you have found a trading partner, you can set up three Pokemon for trade. For the protection of what might be verbal abuse to small kids by serious players, there is no voice chat allowed. The only way you can talk to friends is by registering friend codes on your Pal Pad. Instead of verbal communication, there are four available icons able to be used: the smiley face, for the beginning of a trade and that the person is happy with what the other has up, the sad face, for not desiring a certain Pokemon, the exclamation mark for some sort of rare Pokemon, or the heart, to be used when you’re happy with what you got.

When you have traded at least once, that person will be registered in your Trade Pals list. This will be handy for the next option, which is Trade Rendezvous. There will be a list of all the players you’ve traded with (including the GTS), and you can choose the matchup button at the bottom, setting you up for a trade with someone you’ve already traded with before. If you’ve traded with enough people, you will most likely be able to find someone who wants another fair trade. Now that the basics have been covered, let’s talk about trade interface.

No Pokemon nicknames will be shown when trading to prevent confusion (i.e. if a Trainer gives a name of another similar legend to a particular legend). The level, gender (if any), and Poke Ball used will show up. You can also get a feel for how many Pokemon the other Trainer has, because, like in Infrared trading, you can see their PC boxes, although it will not be as smooth as the IR connection. Today, it is extremely tough to get a trade in, because of everyone’s “power complex” (the desire for power), like I’ve explained before. Everyone wants legends or shiny Pokemon, not like the good old days (before hacking), when many would want regular ones that they haven’t seen. Don’t give up on word of this, though; keep searching until you’ve found the Pokemon you want, and never stop trying to fill up the Pokedex!


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