Pokemon In The Distant Future

By Carl00456

Pokemon is very limited due to its time. The technology today cannot fully surpass the capabilities of Pokemon in the modern world. Imagine Pokemon in full HD on your TV. There could be 3D battles live over Wi-Fi or even augmented reality where you can throw a virtual poke ball and catch a Pokemon and then you could pet them and train them up, it would be really popular and cool! Unfortunately, this technology does not exist but, hopefully, some day it will. This is just a list or explanation of some of the things that could be made.

Virtual Pokemon battles would certainly be a hit. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a pokeball out of your pocket and send out your Pokemon to battle? It would look amazing and it would make you think that the Pokemon were real. Furthermore, you could pet the Pokemon and evolve its moves. Augmented reality contests sure would be interesting. The Pokemon would probably look like holograms but it would still be quite fun. I would love it if a kid was bullying you at school so you settled it with a Pokemon battle!

Even 3D Pokemon games would be fun. I don’t mean the eye popping 3D that’s in cinemas today, I mean the 3D third person type. You would be able to explore around many cities and places, admiring the beautiful scenery. It would also be awesome watching wild Pokemon run around. I don’t see why they haven’t already done this though as it could be done on the PS3 or xbox360. Moreover, you could use the abilities of Xbox kinect and playstation move to make the game more realistic. This would easily make catching Pokemon more fun and enjoyable. Adding some much needed downloadable content couldn’t hurt either. You could get new clothes for your trainer or Pokemon and new skins for your pokedex.

What most people do not want is more Pokemon. The original 150 were fine as they were. Overtime, I began to like the 300 or so others. Adding more is just going to hinder the Pokemon experience as we’re going to have to catch around 1000 Pokemon to complete the poked. Isn’t Pokemon time consuming enough? I know I’ve spent about 300 hours trying to catch ’em all, no luck yet, and it’s only going to get harder.

I hope the developers of Pokemon will consider the capabilities of the games to make them better, more enjoyable and more interesting. I’m sure they will and when they do the games will be amazing. The features would be mind-blowing and the real life world would be a better place to live in. I just hope that it doesn’t cost a house to afford some of these things.



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