Pokemon Movie Synopsis & Review part 2 – Mewtwo Strikes Back

By TokoyamiTheDark

Meanwhile, a Fearow with a camera films everything out, and a lady asks her master if she should send an invitation to Ash and the gang. Her master agrees, so she sends out her Dragonite who flies over the picnic table and hands out the invitation letter to Ash. He replies ‘YES’ then Dragonite picks up back the letter, then flies away, only to be stopped by Team Rocket with a frying pan. It drops the invitation letter and Team Rocket seems to want to go, too…

Ash and the gang arrives at Marina, only to find out that the ferry has been canceled due to a tremendous storm! Some trainers still insist on going when a blue-haired lady tells a legend ; tears of Pokemon would bring back to life people who died during the night of the storm. Even though some trainers are still insisting, the Officier Jenny tells them another bad thing ; Nurse Joy is missing since more than a month, and, as a result, the Pokemon Center has shut down! But still, 3 roughneck trainers decide to go to New Island using their Pokemon, Corey uses Pidgeot (and later re-appears with a Fearow, another movie mistake), Fergus rides on Gyarados while Neesha is carried by her Dewgong. Ash realizes he has no Pokemon who could do the job…until a mysterious Viking boat appears.

The Vikings carry Ash and the gang to New Island, but a wave splashes on them, and the Vikings turned out to be Team Rocket! Ash and Misty sends out Squirtle and Staryu for the rest of the trip to New Island, and does so by going underwater. After a while, they finally arrives at New Island…

The lady seen in the hologram appears, then asks Ash if he has his card he received from Dragonite. Brocks then tells the lady if she was Nurse Joy, due to their resemblances, but denies, and take the gang inside the palace. Meanwhile, Team Rocket spies when the doors closes and has no choice but to go through the sewers to enter. Mew is staying behind them for all the time…without being seen. Inside the palace, Ash meets Corey with his Pidgeot (referred as Pidgeotto in the dub), then turns his head and see a bunch of Water-type Pokemon. Fergus then brags about his prized Gyarados, that it takes a very long time to tame one,(probably because it used to be a Magikarp). Neesha then presents her Pokemon near a fountain to Ash and the gang, who also releases their Pokemon outside their Poke Balls. But the lights turns off, and something is going to happen…

Continued in Part 3.

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