Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series Review

By TokoyamiTheDark

I was really disappointed when I first received Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Blue Rescue Team along with a Nintendo DS Lite, because those games are too tough, even for a hardcore player. Simply, what I am talking about? First off, these games were not made by Nintendo, but by a third-party company named ChunSoft. There are various reasons why I loathe the series so much, and I thought I would share my thoughts with you. So, here we go.

– Difficulty at the beginning of the game : Hard to believe, but the game’s very tough, even on the beginning when you’ve got to rescue a Caterpie, then a Magnemite. Face it; Magnemite’s rescue is so tough, because if any of you or your partner gets KOed, you get nothing but a big, fat GAME OVER screen, lose ALL items, ALL money and ALL EXP. Gained!!! What the … !? I couldn’t bypass this level without cheating, by the way… And let’s not even get started on Monster Houses…

– No selection of Starters : In any Pokemon game, you get to choose which Pokemon you wanna use, but in the Rescue Team games, ChunSoft decided to do it in ‘their’ manner, a stupid quiz about yourself. And they even ask you to be ‘honest’. If you are honest, you’ll wind up with the same Pokemon forever and ever after finishing the quiz. There are guides to help you to have the right starter, though.

– No evolutions : Sadly, there’s no way of making Pokemon evolve in those games, and even recruiting an evolved Pokemon won’t make it stronger than its pre evolved form. For example, a Graveler and a Geodude will have the same stats. Really. This has to be the MOST disappointing thing in those games, but there’s still something even worse…

– Recruiting Pokemon : Very tough to do, as you must leave the dungeon with the newly recruited Pokemon along with you, No fainting, no Escape Orbs! This is really annoying when you’re in a dungeon with many floors, like the 99 floors ones. But the most annoying of all is Kecleon, in which you must steal from his shop to recruit it. But, you only have a chance of 1 of 1000 to recruit one! And since they’re so powerful, you’d be mostly killed before even recruiting one! It’s been almost six years, and I still haven’t recruited any Kecleon. My opinion is, that the recruit is actually impossible, as all videos shown were people cheating with Game Sharks, Action Replays and such cheating devices. For me, the way to obtain them is obvious ; cheat.

Those Pokemon games are so bad, they goes into the same category as games like Mario Is Missing (where Luigi is called ‘Weegee’) or Mario’s Time Machine (Mario’s called ‘Malleo’), made by Phillips in 1993. Well, I really don’t like those games, and that’s my opinion about them. I’d rather play REAL Pokemon games than spin-offs, since they are most likely unrelated to the main series…



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