Pokemon : Of Myths And Legends – Bronzong Biography

By TokoyamiTheDark

Being native to Japan, Pokemon has been inspired of many things, including old Japanese myths and legends. Bronzong is one example, based on a Dotakun, a ceremonial bronze bell. There is an ancient myth about the Dotakun, which would be the reason why this bell is considered as sacred. The myth tells of workers taking old bronze mirrors and melting them to make a huge bronze bell. A farmer gave the mirror of his wife, a princess, to the workers. However, due to the princess’ grief about her mirror, it refused to melt away. She killed herself by drowning, finally allowing her mirror to melt. When the huge bronze bell was made ; the Dotakun, it was said that the soul of the woman would grant any wish to the one who destroys the Dotakun. Many have tried, but in vain, as the bell was indestructible. So someone had an idea ; roll it down into a swamp. As the Dotakun was sinking into the quicksand, the soul of the princess was never seen again, and the Dotakun was completely forgotten over the ages.

In Pokemon Diamond, it says that Bronzong caused a news break when archeologists accidently awakened one from a two thousand years slumber under the sand. Could this mean, that in Pokemon, Bronzong was originally THE Dotakun spoken of in myths of ancient Japan? But if you think that’s all, then think again. Bronzong’s pre evolution, Bronzor, has also a role in the myth ; it represent the molten bronze mirrors, hence, the reason both Pokemon have the HeatProof ability, reducing Fire attacks and burns to half the damage it was supposed to do, but stills count as a super effective attack.

Bronzong is mainly used for defensive battles, as its only strong attacks are Psychic and Gyro Ball, but it can also learn Flash Cannon via Technical Machines, and has an extremely high Defense and Special Defense. However, Bronzong moves very slowly, so unless equipped with a Quick Claw, it won’t be likely to strike first in battle. Along with Magnezone, Bronzong is one of my favorite Steel-types, and, in Pokemon White, in the Abundant Shrine, I once battled two Bronzong at the same time, but one of them was a Shining Bronzong! I caught it with ease, then saw its color ; green. Green is the color of rusted bronze and copper due to some mineral inside the metallic material. Bronzong’s main appearance in the Anime is Byron’s Bronzong from the manga, Lucian’s Bronzong and Marcus’ Bronzong from the Arceus movie. It had definitively come to my mind about that Pokemon, being based on a myth very few people outside Japan knows, is very coveted by people interested in Japanese myths. I also know of the origins of a few other Pokemon based on Japanese myths or legends, so I’ll be likely to write more about. Well, this concludes the amazing facts about Bronzong and its role in Japanese mythology.



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