PreRelease Events In North America

By TokoyamiTheDark

I remember that I once went to a PreRelease for the Platinum:Arceus set back in Fall 2009 (I won’t tell where I was, and I won’t tell the day neither…). It was really exiting. Anyone who enters gets 2 free booster packs from the set which PreReleases occured (in this case, it was Arceus booster packs) plus a prerelease card. (Platinum :Arceus’ PreRelease card was a Raichu.

For a fee of 30$, one could enter a fun-orientated challenge where you get 6 additional booster packs and 60 protective sleeves with Arceus on the back…but this time, there was NO Arceus sleeves at all, as everyone got Garchomp sleeves instead… Apparently, PUSA didn’t made the Arceus sleeves in time, so that was why we all got Supreme Victors sleeves instead.

Anyone with a deck of 60 cards could challenge someone else. I used to build my deck mostly with cards I got from booster packs and Energies from Platinum theme decks, and my deck was a Grass and Psychic deck, featuring Shaymin lv.X as the « lead » ; I lost 3 times and won twice, but the most important part was having fun!

I USED to have a Gengar lv.X, but someone stole it (GRRRRAAAAH!) so the staff gave me a FREE Arceus lv.X as a consolation for having my Gengar lv.X stolen by someone. Seems that even card thieves takes opportunities for stealing cards in PreReleases. At the end of the battles, people could trade their prized cards with other people as well to buy Tin Decks, Theme Decks, additional Booster Packs and Card supplies. Even single cards were on sale, so I bought a lot of cards that I had difficulties to find, such as Palkia, Shining Milotic, Regirock, etc… So, at the very end of the PreRelease, 2 other Booster Packs were given to people when they leave, so let’s count the minimum number of cards someone who participated in these tournaments could have gotten :

2 free packs for entering = 20 cards

6 packs for the Tournament = 60 cards

2 packs as a thanks when leaving = 20 cards

Promo PreRelease card = 1 card

1 + 20 +20 +60 = 101 cards!!! That’s a lot for just 30$, as you could get only 60 cards with 30$, as you could only have 6 Booster Pack with you in the shop…

It was a tiring day, but I managed to scan all of my cards I got (excluding multiple cards, unless they are reverse holos) as well as the Raichu and the sleeves in less than an hour. I got really tired, I went to bed straight after…That day of fun in 2009…Never will I forget it…

Text ©2011 by TokoyamiTheDark


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