Re-Ment Pokemon Forest Volume 5 Figures

Halloween is fast approaching and Re-Ment corporation just released the Pokemon Forest figures Vol. 5 just in time to coincide with autumn and Halloween.  This new set has some of your favorite Pokemon characters like Eevee, Greninja, Vulpix, Cyndaquil, Pachirisu, Munchlax, Emolga and Pikachu. These figures were sold in random boxes. Each box comes with one random tree part, with a Pokemon figure on it, a bottom tree stand and a piece of chewing gum. They are only sold in Japan for a limited time.

Version #1 Pikachu & Emolga

Figure #2 Cyndaquil

Figure #3 Vulpix

Figure #4 Pachirisu & Munchlax

Figure #5 Eevee

Figure #6 Greninja

Each piece of the tree can fit together to form a large tree.  If you get the complete set of 6 pieces, the finished tree will look like this:

But the best part is that you can mix and match the tree pieces with other series and you can change the order of the pieces on the tree to make your own customized tree. Each figure box contains the bottom piece of the tree trunk, so you can even make a short tree with one or two pieces if you wanted to. These figures are very fun to collect. There are now more than 30 tree pieces available to make your own custom Pokemon tree.

Although these Pokemon Forest figures are only sold in Japan and will sell out soon,  you can still find them on the official Pokevault website while supplies lasts.

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