Saving Darmanitan From The Bell! Summary And Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the 8th episode in the latest Pokemon installment, the Black and White series. Ash, Iris, and Cilan start the episode having lunch in a field. Iris prepares some kabobs, while Cilan prepares a vegetable dish and some Oran berries for Pikachu and Axew. They are interrupted by a Darumaka who goes to sleep right in front of them. A sneaky thief steals Pikachu’s and Axew’s food as well as the kabobs. After much confusion, Ash sends out Oshawott to stop the two Darumaka from getting away with their lunch. The Darumaka unleash a deadly Flamethrower combination and escape.

Needing urgent care, Ash hurriedly takes Oshawott to the Pokemon Center in town. While Oshawott is recovering, our three heroes are informed about the Darumaka from Nurse Joy. Apparently, they are usually friendly to the townspeople, but have been stealing food as of late. She also tells them that the town has decided to demolish the Clock Tower. Ash, Iris, and Cilan have a delicious dinner and get up to help Nurse Joy pass out Moonwatch Dumplings for dessert. They open the pantry and catch the Darumaka stealing the dessert.

The Darumaka jump out the window and Ash follows in pursuit, sending his Pidove to track them down. Our heroes follow the Darumaka into the Clock Tower where a brief scuffle ensues. Iris pleads that she and her friends just want to find out the truth and help. The Darumaka show their friend Darmanitan holding up an unattached huge bell. Darmanitan needed food to continue holding up the bell, otherwise it would destroy the Clock Tower. The entire group works together to reattach the bell and save Darmanitan. At around the same time, we are shown Team Rocket meeting up with a correspondent and receiving a briefcase and orders to head to Nacrene City. The town hears what Darmanitan and the Darumaka did and decide to honor their heroism by letting them live in the Clock Tower. Our heroes are delighted and say their goodbyes to the fire Pokemon.

I was excited to see this episode just to see the Darmanitan, one of my favorite Pokemon from the Unova region. Darumaka say their names very fast and I like it. The argument between Pikachu and Axew was funny. I just mentioned in the last review that I haven’t seen Ash explode like he has when Misty used to complain, but we get to see both Ash and Iris explode in anger when Cilan remarks that the two are actually quite similar. I had a “D’oh!” moment.

I thought the Darumaka were a bit careless when they used Flamethrower in the Clock Tower and Oshawott had to put out the fire. I liked that we got to see both versions of Darmanitan—standard mode and Zen mode. I thought they spend too much time trying to smolder the hook for the bell, but it was worth it to see Darmanitan spring into action. I liked Team Rocket’s involvement in this episode. It was brief, but the cappuccino scene was suave, as well as the correspondent scene. It’s nice to see them acting competent and professional. This episode doesn’t really reveal much; it’s light-hearted and a nice side-story episode.



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