Sawk, Throh & Drilbur Pokemon Pokedolls

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have released the October Pokedolls. They are Sawk, Throh and Drilbur. These 3 new Pokemon plush Pokedolls were only available in Japan. They are the newest Pokemon Pokedolls to be released from the Generation V collection. Only sold in Japan for a limited time.

Sawk and Throh are about 5″ tall. They have very detailed faces that include the use of felt which is not commonly used on Pokedolls.  Nice embroidery and come in a karate or judo outfit.  They are soft and very cute. They cant stand up by themselves, but they are still very cool.

The Drilbur Pokedoll is amazing. Its one of the cutest I have seen so far. Its extremely soft and cuddly. It stands about 5″ tall like the Sawk and Throh Pokedolls, but is 8.75″ wide, so its a bit bigger than the other two. Its got nice stitching and is has beautiful blue and gray striped fur. The pink nose and smile give it a very warm and friendly look. A must for any Pokemon collector.

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