Geodude, The Rock-Type Pokemon

By Anonymous

Many Pokemon there are, that is a fact. If someone thinks that is an opinion they might be crazy… And types of most elements, it is pretty remarkable. You can have a powerful dragon type Pokemon, a burning fire type Pokemon, a drizzling water type Pokemon, a toxic posion type Pokemon, a frigid ice type Pokemon, a crawling bug type Pokemon, a powerful dark type Pokemon, a wise psychic type Pokemon, and many, many more! One of these types so happen to be rock. Rock type Pokemon are all over the place, there however aren’t many pure rock type Pokemon, meaning they have only one type. Rock type Pokemon are known for high defenses. The main thing that they don’t have is usually speed. Because they are giant rocks most of the time, they are quite heavy. Rock type Pokemon can be a rampaging dinosaur like a Rampardos, which has an incredible attack stat.

There is a flying prehistoric beast rock type Pokemon known as Aerodactyl who has great attack and amazing speed. Water and rock Pokemon such as Omanyte and Omastar, giant rock snake looking Pokemon like Onix, and a Pokemon that is just a boulder with two muscular arms, this Pokemon is known as Geodude. Geodude isn’t just a rock type Pokemon, he is also part ground. In the anime it is said that electric attacks don’t effect rock type pokemon, that is not true. The only reason they don’t effect Pokemon like Onix and Geodude is because they are part ground, which gives them immunity to electric type attacks. Geodude is a rock type Pokemon and a ground type Pokemon.

In the anime, Geodude is used by the gym leader Brock of Pewter City in the Kanto region. It may not be used as much in the anime as it is in the game, it is pretty hard to take down his Pokemon because of their defense and you can’t get much to protect yourself unless you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur as your starter. Brock uses a Geodude to help put out the fire at Celadon City’s gym, which is of course in the anime. Geodude may be a weak Pokemon in the start, but what do you think of him?

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