Pokemon Arbok

By Anonymous

There are a lot of Pokemon, over six hundred, I know this was said many times before but it is a true subject, there are a lot of Pokemon, you just have to face the facts, it will be hard and challenging to catch them all, but you can do it and it will be very rewarding in the end. There are some Pokemon like Bulbasaur that use status conditions like Poison Powder or Sleep Powder which poison the opponent or they fall asleep respectively. There are Pokemon that are the same type as some of these status conditions. Poison Powder comes from poison type Pokemon just like Bulbasaur which is a grass type Pokemon and a poison type Pokemon. A notable Pokemon is Arbok. Arbok is a giant snake pokemon, he is purple and has a face on the flat part of his chest. He is based on a cobra, take a look at his name. “Arbok” spelt bacwords is “Kobra” or “Cobra”. A simple yet creative name for this Pokemon.

In the anime, Jessie of Team Rocket uses an Ekans, which is the pre-evolved form of Arbok. This Ekans will actually later evolve into an Arbok though. The Arbok is very intimidating and has a lot of power. But Pikachu, Ash’s Pikachu, eventually levels up to be able to give them a Thundershock attack and blast them off. Arbok is not used much more.
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