Bisharp, Ducklett & Tympole Pokemon Pokedolls

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have released 3 new Pokemon pokedolls. Bisharp, Ducklett and Tympole are now available. Since their release in September, 2011, these have been very popular.

The Tympole is about 3.25″ tall and 6″ long. It has nice stitching on the eyes. Very soft and cuddly.

Ducklett is about 6″ tall. Although it will not stand up by itself, its very cute. Its fur is different than other Pokedolls. It is kind of a matted cotton. Very unique to this Pokedoll. Very adorable.

The Bisharp Pokedoll is about 8″ tall if you measure it to the tip of its helmet. This plush is very popular. The axe on its helmet is flexible and made of a soft material.  Its very well made and very cute. This pokedoll will also not stand up by itself, but is a must for any Pokemon collector.

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