The Rufflet And Vullaby Lines

By Jo

In Pokemon Black and White, there are a few game exclusive evolutionary lines that can’t otherwise be found in the opposite games. Two of those are the Rufflet and Vullaby lines. Rufflet and its evolution, Braviary, are only found in Pokemon White and Vullaby and its evolution, Mandibuzz, are only catchable in Pokemon Black. However, unlike Petilil and Cottonee, the Rufflet and Vullaby lines can’t be seen in the game opposite in which they’re found without trading.

Rufflet is known as the Eaglet Pokemon. It appears to be based off from an eagle chick, though the plumage surrounding its head resembles a Native American headdress. Its name seems to come from the words ‘ruffle’, ‘rough’ and ‘eaglet’. According to their pokedex entries, Rufflet will stand up to nearly any opponent – no matter their size or how strong they are. Their frequent fights are supposed to help them become stronger. Once Rufflet becomes strong enough, it evolves into Braviary starting at level 54. Braviary appears to be based off from a fully grown eagle, more specifically a bald eagle. Its pokedex entries state that they defend their friends without taking into account the risk of their own safety. Apparently the more scars a Braviary has, the more respect they get from others for their bravery. Its name most-likely comes from the words ‘bravery’ and ‘aviary’. Because the Black and White games are based off from New York City, it would make sense to include an evolutionary line that would bring the United States into the games. Their color scheme references the American flag. The evolutionary line also contains characteristics often used to describe Americans, as they normally are quick to enter a fight and protect their allies. Both are a male-only species.
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