Hoenn Starters And Evolutions: The Torchic Line

By Jo

It’s orange, small, and requires a bit of guidance from its trainer to grow strong. Torchic, the Chick Pokemon, is young and endearing and is the Hoenn region’s fire-type starter. Being based off from a freshly hatched chick, Torchic normally tend to be curious and sometimes clumsy on their feet. Probably because it is based on a bird and birds have hollow bones, Torchic is the lightest of all the starters at their base form.

Torchic tend to be depicted as naïve and innocent, as they’re supposed to be based off from baby chickens. Its pokedex entries state that it has a flame inside itself. Because of that, if it were hugged it would feel as though the person were holding a hot water bottle. They also state that Torchic’s orange feathers surrounding its body are downy, and that if threatened it can launch fireballs that reach up to 1,800 degrees F at its opponent. Torchic is the only starter Pokemon that can be caught in the wild as it’s found on the Pokewalker Sightseeing course. Torchic is also the only starter to have a gender difference (excluding Pikachu in Yellow) and is also the only starter to have a gender difference in all stages of evolution. Torchic’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘torch’ and ‘chick’.
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