Pokemon Video Games

By Anonymous

Are you familiar with the Pokemon games? These games are among the most popular of all things Pokemon. Everyone uses them and really tends to enjoy them. You can start as a new, rookie trainer and slowly gain your experience and can challenge the Pokemon League. You start out in you Hometown which will depend on which version of the game you got. If you got a game like Pokemon Firered version or Pokemon Leafrgreen version, you will start in Pallet Town. If you got a game like Pokemon Heartgold version or Pokemon Soulsilver version, you will start out in New Bark Town. If you got a game like Pokemon Ruby version, Pokemon Sapphire version or Pokemon Emerald version you will start out in Littleroot Town. If you get a game like Pokemon Diamond version, Pokemon Pearl version or Pokemon Platinum version you will start out in Twinleaf Town.

The regions you can start in are Kanto, Johto, Hoeen and Sinnoh respectively as the towns are listed. Once you start your journey you will need to get your start Pokemon so you can travel. You have to get your starter Pokemon from the local Pokemon Professor. Professor Oak in the Kanto region, Professor Elm in the Johto region, Professor Birch in the Hoenn region, and Professor Rowan in the Sinnoh region. You can get your start Pokemon in the town you start in, this is fact for only the first three regions though. In the Sinnoh region, Professor Rowan’s Lab is in Sandgem Town which is the neighboring town to Twinleaf Town.

Once you begin your journey with your start you may catch and battle Pokemon. You can also trade Pokemon with friends and play online, it is really fun and quite addictive. Your goal is to gather the eight badges of whatever region you start in and challenge the Pokemon League to become the champion so you can become a Pokemon Master. The Professor asks you to complete the Pokedex which is quite hard now, but can still be done. There are more games, but these are the most recent one’s and are considered the main series. What is you favorite Pokemon game?

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