Pokemon Center Furret, Sentret, Cutiefly, Wooper & MORE!!!

The Pokemon Centers in Japan are releasing a bunch of new plush toys on October 7, 2017. This time there are 6 new plush toys, Furret, Sentret, Cutiefly, Wooper, Joltik & Marill.

This is the first time that Cutiefly has been released. Its really great to see that the Pokemon Center is bringing back some classic characters once again. Im really excited about Furret and Sentret!!

In addition, there are also all 4 Oricorio Pokedoll forms (Baile, Pa’u, Pom-Pom and Sensu).

These will also be available on October 21, 2017. You can purchase them at Pokevault.com.

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A Teenager’s View On Furret

By Matt

The first time I came across a Furret was when I was playing Pokemon Coliseum for the GameCube. It looked like some sort of raccoon when I spotted it, but I thought it looked pretty fly. Furret is classified as a Long Body Pokemon, and is a Normal-type. Since its name gave me a hint, I thought it would be a Ferret Pokemon. I traded this to my Leaf Green Version and was able to breed it with a Ditto. I also added it to my team in Soul Silver, and was able to beat the Elite Four using some of its moves. Furret is just one of those Pokemon you can’t dislike.
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