Gold And Silver Minor Glitches And Errors: Part 1

By Jill/Redterror117

While not having as many issues as its previous generation, the Gold and Silver Pokemon games have a few bugs of their own. The glitches I will explain in the following article should be fairly easy to replicate for most players, though some will require a new game to be started (the colour switch being the only one in this case). The second trick will also be the only glitch/error in this article that can be potentially dangerous, the other two purely for aesthetics and for fun.

First of all is the ability to swap the colours of the player. By default the male character is in red, while the female character is in blue. Start the game as the gender you wish to play as, and then as soon as the game loads, immediately save it while in your room. Once done, reset the game, and go to make a new one again, only this time choose the opposite gender. Once the game loads again, go to save. However while the game attempts to save, reset it again. Since only part of the game will save in this case, the character colour will be overwritten. Go to continue your first game, and your character will be the opposite colour.

With the introduction of eggs in the second generation, the possibility of obtaining glitched versions became a reality. Glitch eggs function in the same way as regular eggs, but never entirely hatch. Rather, a Glitch egg will always hatch into another Glitch egg in a never-ending cycle. Apart from the use of a Gameshark though, the only way to get one is to use the Celebi Egg glitch. In Gold and Silver, it is possible to have only the Glitch egg in the party, by delivering the gate guard of Goldenrod’s Spearow with mail to the man by the Violet City entrance with only the Glitch egg and Spearow in the party. The game will see the egg as a Pokemon, and the Spearow will be removed as normal, leaving the player with the Glitch egg. If the player attempts to enter combat with the Glitch egg, the game will restart in an endless loop unless a Pokemon is added to the party from the player’s PC. However in Crystal the endless loop does not happen, rather the battle will proceed as normal, the egg having a glitched sprite and a full experience bar. Since the egg has no attacks, it will simply use Struggle. Even though it gets knocked out, and the game treats this as a white-out, the player can continue on with the game without getting sent back to the Pokemon Center.

The last little trick for this article is sort of a throwback to the Red and Blue versions, where a player could cut a tree down, stand where it was, save, and then reset the game, resulting in the player standing on top of the tree. In Gold, Silver, and Crystal however, the same thing can be done with breaking a rock with Rock Smash, and saving on top of the tile where it originally was.

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