Hoenn Starters and Evolutions: The Treecko Line

By Jo

It’s small, swift, and lizard-like. Treecko, the Wood Gecko Pokemon, is very quick on its feet and it the Hoenn region’s grass-type starter. Treecko are said to be very calm and level headed, never losing their heads and panicking while in a battle. They live in tall trees and are said to be the protectors of forests. Because they live so far off the ground, they use the tiny hooks on their feet to scale steep slopes and have even been known to use those hooks to climb up walls and hang from ceilings.

Treecko are known to be a bit prideful, taking on larger opponents without a second glance and is extremely protective of its territory. According to its pokédex entries, Treecko attacks by slamming its opponents with its thick tail. Its tail has more uses than that, though. Its tail can also be used to detect the humidity in the air and predict the weather for the next day. Out of any of the unevolved starters, Treecko has the highest speed stat. Treecko and its evolutions are also the only bipedal grass-type starter Pokemon evolutionary line (Snivy and Servine are bipedal, though Serperior doesn’t have any legs). Treeko is thought to be based off from a gecko or lizard. It appears to have similarities to the leaf-tailed gecko, a type of lizard that’s appendages allow it to blend in with its surroundings that can also climb up flat surfaces. Treecko’s name most-likely comes from the words ‘tree’ and ‘gecko’.
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