Pokemon POP Cards Insider

By Leonie Herson

The POP cards, called Pokemon Organised Play, were sets of cards not able to be found in the main Pokemon card franchise. The English version of these cards had originated from Japanese promotional cards. The cards could usually be found being given away in 2 card booster packs within magazines, collector tins, value packs or at special events. This encouraged participation in the Pokemon card game.

There are nine POP series to date, with seventeen cards in each series. New series appear every six months as announced by Pokemon USA. Each series featured rare holographic cards and Pokemon EX. The chance of finding one of these cards was very low. POP cards are identified by the POP logo in the bottom right hand corner (a Pokeball) with its respective series number next to it. POP began distributing cards in September 2004, after the EX Fire red and Leaf green card series. It featured characters from the second and third generations. Continue reading “Pokemon POP Cards Insider”

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