Made In Japan: Kanto Edition Part 4

By Factory White Head

We’re down to the last of the Japanese-based Kanto Pokemon. This time, we’ll finish up with three useful Pokemon that each gained prevolutions in Johto, along with an old (rod) favorite. Today we’re talking about Magikarp, Electabuzz, Magmar, and Jynx.

The lowly Magikarp’s evolution into the mighty Gyarados is derived from the legend of the Dragon Gate. While this is primarily a Chinese legend, there are traces of it in Japan as well. Carp that leapt over the mysterious Dragon Gate would become dragons. What is Magikarp’s trademark “skill”? Splashing and hopping, and its Pokedex entries state that it has the jumping power to leap over mountains when it is old enough. Of course, Magikarp aren’t required to go over the Dragon Gate to become Gyarados, but any trainer who has raised one can agree that the task of raising one is just as difficult. Unless, you know, you train it using an Exp. Share or the classic “bait and switch” method, or catch one that’s ready to evolve. Let’s just agree that Magikarp isn’t the best at battling.
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