Kanto Region Pokemon Part 3

By Amanda

Caterpie is a bug type, known as the worm Pokemon, and known as Catapie in Japan. It can only learn one move through level up, which is bug bite. It can evolve into a Metapod at level 7, and then into Butterfree at level 10. When it evolves into a Metapod, it can learn only harden through level up, but once it evolves into Butterfree, it can learn attacks like gust, psybeam, and silver wind.

In the anime, Ash caught a male Caterpie, being the first Pokemon he caught. It soon evolved into a Metapod, and then into a Butterfree. Butterfree would also be the first Pokemon to let go, when it fell in love with a pink Butterfree, releasing him so he can start a family with the pink Butterfree.
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