Pokemon Collection (Part 2) – Figures

By Brandon Yeo

Action figures are probably the most common thing you would see at a toys shop (for kids?). But there is nothing childish about collecting them, so the next time someone points out you’re too old for collecting figures, tell them otherwise. This would be especially applicable to me since I started collecting figures very late, at about 16. I’ve told you why I collect plushies and now let me do the same for figures. Figures, unlike plushies can’t be hugged, but what I treasure most from it is the beautiful displays that lighten up your room. This of course comes with good arrangement, but that aside, it gives bragger rights too.

For Pokemon Figures, there are all sorts, from Tomy MCs to Bandai Kids and clipping figures to Jakks Figures. But not everything is common and they’re usually in limited production, thus giving it much value.

I personally love the Tomy MC figures as they seem very much realistic and portray each Pokemon in a unique way. This is in clear contrast to the Bandai Kids in which they’re pretty much of the same size. The rubbery feel in contrast to the plastic for the Tomy MCs make the Tomys seem all the more well-made (possibly accounting for the large difference in prices). For those who are still new to collecting figures or hasn’t done so, let this be a call to you to start. The satisfaction you get from getting a highly sought after figure and placing it in a beautiful transparent display is priceless. For example, I recently bought the Reshiram 2011 Lotto figure from Y!J although I haven’t received it yet, there is still that satisfaction, which will probably be expounded when I do see it in person.

Apart from Tomy MCs, I do collect DX Kids as well as Pokemon Zukan, which is another one of my favourites. Similar to the Tomy figures, Zukans also depict each and every Pokemon in a realistic way and what’s better than an entire evolution on the same base? Although in some cases the 1/40 size of each zukan might make them sort of out of shape or with poorer workmanship, they still are very much pleasing to the eye. Specifically is the diorama that comes with each set. It usually consists of Basic Pokemon (Meaning unevolved ones) in a natural setting, allowing them to blend in and creating a harmonious atmosphere. I currently only have two of these since they’re quite pricey but I’ll definitely be looking for more in the short-term.
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