The Amazing Evolutions Of Eevee Part 3

By Jo

When the Sinnoh arc came out, new ideas came with it. So many different Pokemon now had evolutions that they hadn’t had before, by methods unheard of up to that point in the games. Eevee was one of those Pokemon. Apparently, its unstable genetic code would malfunction in certain areas and actually evolve to reflect the elements. The results were pretty impressive.

One of those evolutions was Leafeon. Leafeon resembles both cats and foxes. Its brown paws (as if colored with dirt) are small and its creme colored body is slender. Its ears, tail, and forehead appear to be plants and small sprouts are seen growing in different places of its body. Apparently its leaves are quite sharp, as it is able to learn slicing attacks such as Leaf Blade and X-Scissor (though it still lacks the ability to learn the HM Cut). According to its pokedex entries, Leafeon’s cells are very similar to a plant. It sunbathes to use photosynthesis to feed itself, though it will eat leaves if it isn’t near sunlight. Leafeon also are known for cleaning the air surrounding them like plants would and they dislike fighting. Leafeon is tied with Vaporeon and Umbreon for being the tallest Eeveelution, and it shares the same footprints as Umbreon and Glaceon. Its name comes from the word ‘leaf’ and ends with the suffix ‘eon’, which is short for “evolution”, like all the other Eevee evolutions.

The second Eevee evolution that was introduced in the fourth generation was Glaceon. Unlike Leafeon, Glaceon shares a much more prominent appearance with foxes (an example of that would be that it’s smaller than most Eeveelutions). Glaceon’s feet are a darker shade of blue, which resembles boots, and the floppy fur in front of its ears resemble a hat – both could reference the fact that Glaceon’s an ice-type. Glaceon, along with Jolteon, is the shortest of all Eevee evolutions. It and Espeon are the only two Eevee evolutions to share the same highest base stat; Special Attack (though while Glaceon has a higher defense stat, Espeon has a higher speed stat). Glaceon also had the highest Special Attack stat of any ice-type Pokemon up to Generation IV, though now it shares that honor with Kyurem. According to its pokédex entries, Glaceon can completely freeze its fur into needles. It can also freeze the atmosphere surrounding it by controlling its body heat, which causes a diamond-dust flurry to occur. Glaceon’s name seems to come from the word ‘glace’ as in “glacier” and it ends in the Eeveelution suffix, ‘eon’.

Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon, is unique. As of the fifth generation, it can evolve into seven different Pokemon. Because of this, Eevee and its evolutions have become quite popular among Pokemon fans from all over the world.

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