What’s in a Call of Legends Booster Box?

By Brian Hsieh

Booster boxes give you an average amount of rarity between the cards you pull. When one purchases a booster box, they have an idea of what they’ll be getting within the booster box. Although the ratio is similar, the cards won’t necessarily be. Also, although certain booster boxes don’t necessarily come loaded with several ultra rares, the rarity of obtaining the booster box does make it more valuable.

While opening the Call of Legends booster box, which is the newest booster box in the Pokemon Card Game in America, I found that 36 packs won’t necessarily include holos such as Smeargle or Ninetales. I also found that doubles, even triples, of rare cards are possible.

My main reason for purchasing this booster box was for certain cards for my deck along with the shiny legends that were going to be debuted. I also wanted some nice holo reprints of cards from the Heart Gold Soul Silver sets. I reached my goal with Mime Jr.s and Lost Worlds, but failed to pull a Smeargle, which I ended up resorting to trading for later on.

For holographic cards, I managed to pull twelve, which made the pack ratio 1:3. For reverse holographic cards, I pulled eleven, which is a shade over three, ratio-wise. As for shiny legends, I found out that only two to three come in a booster box. As the booster box neared its 25th pack, I managed to pull a Shiny Raikou and closer to the end, I pulled a Shiny Dialga. Along the way, I pulled four reverse holo energies that were deemed as ultra rares within the set. If you are looking to complete the Call of Legends set, ordering this booster box is a must.

You get a variety of holographic and reverse holographic cards that won’t repeat as well as some repeated rare, common, and uncommon cards. If you only wish to complete the shiny set, or just want certain cards for deck purposes, then finding them online or through random packs from a store that carries them would be your best bet. With this booster box, my opinion would be to find certain single cards online due to how new this set is, but if you enjoy opening booster packs as well as a booster box, don’t hesitate to get this box priced around the $90 range.


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