Pokemon Alamos Town

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Have you ever watched The Rise of Darkrai? The movie is called Dialga Vs. Palkia Vs. Darkrai in Japan I believe. I just wanted to say it is one of the greatest movies I have ever watched. I actually teared up in some of the Oracion music moments. Darkrai is noble, not a bad guy at all. He was just protecting his town, and the granddaughter of the woman who nursed him back to health, Alice. This town was called Alamos Town. Now Alamos Town is a simple town, known for the great architecture and the Space-Time Towers. They represent the legendary Pokemon, Dialga who rules time. And the legendary Pokemon, Palkia who rules space.

Alamos Town also has a beautiful garden, this garden is also a place where Darkrai, a legendary Pokemon lurks in the shadows. Some important people that live in Alamos Town, I’ll start with Alice. Alice is a beautiful young girl who can play songs using a leaf whistle. Her grandmother, Alicia, taught her the instrument. And also a song called Oracion, that seems to make Pokemon calm down and be peaceful. At a young age, Alice almost fell but Darkrai came out of the shadows and saved her. Alice thought it was Tonio, a close friend who saved her.

That brings us to the next important person in Alamos Town, Tonio. Tonio researches Space-Time for the most part. He read a journal that belongs to his great-grandfather, Godey. He has a crush on Alice, and Alice apparently seems to feel mutual. However, someone else has a crush on Alice, his name is Baron Alberto. Baron Alberto owns a Lickilickly that is used a lot during the events in Alamos Town. He practically seems obsessed with young Alice, and claims that she will be the one who marries him later on. He cares less about Tonio, maybe because Alice prefers him over Baron Alberto. The Baron is heroic, but doesn’t do much to promote the research like Tonio. Darkrai cares about Alamos Town, and the garden located in the town. He tries to protect it, by preventing Dialga and Palkia’s attacks from hitting the precious town of Alamos. Alamos Town may be hardly hear of, but it is a beautiful town that everyone enjoys.

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