Pokemon Plush Toys And Figures

By Anonymous

Pokemon plush toys are a fun way to display your obsession for Pokemon! There are plushies made for almost every Pokemon! Ones from the original one hundred fifty to the new Black and White Pokemon. Plush toys are fun to collect. Like the TCG cards there are also sets of Pokemon plushies! Like Poke Dolls, UFO Catcher Prize, etc. There are such ones like Zorua, Zoroark, Mew etc. Some people even trade plush toy for plush toy! You can buy plush toys from good Pokemon websites or stores. You can even buy plush toys from this website! There are also key chain plush toys.

Besides plush toys there are also Pokemon figures. Figures are also a fun way to display your affection for Pokemon. Figurines are basically toys that you can play with! You can re-enact battles you’ve seen in the game or in the anime! There is actually a game you can play with the figurines. Nintendo has made a Pokemon figurine game. It is called TFG, trading figure game! There is also a figurine set Nintendo launched call the Next Quest. It is where you can re-enact battles with the figurine. The Next Quest figurines are on a stand doing a pose and to play you must spin the figurine on top until it stops on an attack and then you complete that damage done to your opponent. Sadly, the Next Quest figurine game was not a big success as the trading card game was. The Next Quest was stopped in production but some stores still carry these figurines! Having plushies and Pokemon figurines are fun to mess around with! You can show them off to friends and the world! But plush toys and figurines are just one way to show your love for Pokemon. There are also key chains, t-shirts, hats, and even stickers. You can only buy these plush toys at specific places besides websites such as Nintendo World in New York City, and sometimes even in Toys R Us.

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