Pokemon Normal Type Move Summaries Part 3

By Matt

I will be discussing Normal-type Pokemon moves. The entire list can be found at http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-bw/normal.shtml. This provides a complete list with PP, Base Power, Accuracy, and a complete description. When you click on the move, you can see more details, like which Pokemon can learn it. This time around, I will be summarizing moves beginning with E through F.

Echoed Voice is a special move. Even though its base power is 40, it will increase with every successive use. Remember, if you stop using it, it will go back to 40.

Egg Bomb is one of those powerful moves, but only has a ľ chance of landing. Be careful; you can only use this move 10 times.

Encore can be very useful in some battles. If you are pitted against a Pokemon with weak moves, then you can use Encore, which will make them repeat that move 2-5 times.

Endeavor is a terrifying move that makes the target’s HP equal to the user’s HP. This means that if you use it with 1 HP left, they will end up with 1 HP as well. Endure will keep HP at a minimum of one and prevent the user from being knocked out. You can then unleash moves such as Reversal or Endeavor, which both deal with HP.

Entrainment will turn the target’s ability into the user’s. Useless abilities, such as Mummy, will replace that strategic one, turning the tide of battle.

Explosion is a kamikaze move, which damages every Pokemon in its vicinity. This is useful because even if the user has very little HP left, it will still do the same amount of damage.

Extremespeed is another form of Quick Attack, but with more power and less PP. This move even precedes Quick Attack, good for those who just want to get their hit in.

Facade is a 70 power move, which will double to 140 if the user is paralyzed, burned, or poisoned (thus excluding sleep). The Battle Subway has items which will give a status condition to the holder, making Façade a very respectable move.

Fake Out is a strange move that makes the target flinch. It also must be used the first turn the target is sent out, or it will do nothing. This could be used in Double/Triple battles on a very powerful Pokemon; if it flinches, then it can’t use whatever move it was planning to use.

False Swipe may be weak, but it is a nice approach to use when dealing with legendary Pokemon. It will not knock out the target if it is a killing hit; instead, it will leave the target with 1 HP.

Feint is like Brick Break: it destroys the barriers of Protect and Detect, but its power compared to Brick Break is less than half(30).

Flail is the Normal-type equivalent of Reversal: its power depends on how much HP the user has left: the lower the HP, the more damage is dealt. Flail will definitely help take out a chunk of the enemy’s HP, especially if it has low Defense.

Flash will lower the target’s accuracy. The person I received Flash from (in B/W Version) said if you use it twice, the accuracy will be lowered to half; thus, Flash is one of those nice, annoying moves.

Focus Energy increases the critical-hit ratio of the user (I believe critical hits do about 1.5x damage).

Follow Me, a move I once considered useless, will send all future attacks toward the user. In Double battles, the powerhouse Pokémon can then knock out all the other Pokemon.

Foresight will make all future attacks on the target hit; if the target has been using Double Team a lot, it will be useless, since any move can now hit.

Frustration is a move depending on friendship: The more the user hates the trainer, the more damage it will do. If this attack is not as powerful as you thought, the remedy is to buy herbs, which will make Pokemon less friendly.

To end the day, Fury Swipes and Fury Attack are both combo moves, which aren’t a real threat. It’s sensible to replace them early on.

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