Pachrisu’s Click-Clack Attack Game

By Matt

This article will discuss Pachirisu’s Click-Clack Attack which can be found here.  While waiting for the Global Link to come out on March 30th, I figured; why not try a game or two in the Fun Zone? The first few games I played were very fun; I found Click-Clack Attack one of the most addicting games that took up a lot of my free time. Pachirisu’s Click-Clack Attack is a game with a simple concept: Get all the discs in the pockets; this is similar to the game of billiards.

The game will start with some scattered discs on the board. In order to launch the discs (hopefully into one another), click on the disc and pull back the cursor to the desired power (as shown by the arrow). When the disc is fired, it will bounce off the walls and hit others discs until it either comes to a stop, or falls into a corner pocket.

Another goal is to try to match discs with the same Pokemon on it; when three of the same kind fall into the same pocket, more discs will be earned. Strategy is a very important aspect of this game; the more discs wasted, the less likely it will be to complete all twenty-five stages. Even though all the discs run out, there will be bonuses awarded in addition to the score earned.

In the game, there are certain stages where only one launch can be used to clear all the discs; this requires timing, coordination, and of course, luck. Although I have never been able to clear these successfully, it gives me more experience, so I can tell which move not to use next time. The Pokemon featured on the discs match up with its element color: Azurill is on the blue disk, Pichu is on the yellow disk, Burmy on the green disk, and Machop on the red disk. When these disks collide with each other, the Pokemon on the disk will evolve and turn into its evolved form: Marill, Pikachu, Roselia, and Machoke, respectively.

The same proves true for second stage Pokemon evolutions: Azumarill, Raichu, Roserade, and Machamp. There is a different rule when two same-colored disks hit each other and their total is greater than three (e.g. Marill hitting Marill). The two disks will just collide and vanish, giving out 8000 points and two extra disks. Disks (or should I say, launches) are very important, so keeping it at a high number (>10) is important for the first few levels. Around stage 20, the disks I have usually fall under ten.

Unless you’re meticulous and want every single stage to be perfect, you will end the game with about 100-200,000 points. Remember, this is just a small contributing factor; the bonuses that I mentioned earlier will give out even more points. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to just have fun with this game, which I do all the time. Aiming for a high score・well, that shall prove a grueling task, for the high scores are around 400,000 or 500,000 points.

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