Pokemon Tick Tock Walk Game

By Matt

Another game I stumbled upon while waiting (and still am) for the Pokemon Global Link (which will be open starting March 30th) is the Pokemon Tick-Tock Walk strategy/time-based game.

This game can be found under the Fun Zone section of the Pokemon Trainer’s Club. You can download it for free here.

The reason it is a strategy game is because placement and timing is very crucial to clearing stages. This game reminds me of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: March of the Minis (for the DS). In that game, blocks were placed so the Minis (Mario’s robots) could get items and clear stages. However, blocks would be needed so the Minis would have somewhere to cross.

In Tick-Tock Walk, two blocks are placed, and then when the third block is placed, the first one which was placed will disappear back into the box of available blocks to use. There are a few different types of blocks to use to get the Pokemon to the goal.

A red block with no symbol means that it has no special effect. The spring represents a jump block, meaning that the Pokemon will jump to a higher level on the stage when it reaches the block. The block with an arrow pointing upwards means that the Pokemon will speed up once it reaches that point. (The opposite effect also is applied to the arrow facing downwards). A magnet will keep the Pokemon in place. This is a very tricky item to use, though, as three more blocks have to be placed in order to remove this one, which will consume a lot of time. These blocks are the ones you can use from the box; a special one, called a Type Block, is placed on the stage.

If the type of the Pokemon walking would be effective against the type displayed on the block, more time would be added to the total. For example, if Turtwig was on the stage and it ran into a water-type block, time would be increased. On the other hand, if it ran into a fire-type block, time would decrease. Time is of the essence in this game: It may seem like it moves slowly at first, but it may run out before you make it to the goal. Sometimes, when you are in doubt, it is best to either go for fewer items, or restart the level altogether. Items, which give bonus points, are placed strategically on the course, meaning that all types of blocks must be utilized effectively. A huge bonus will be given to those that can find all the items on the course without falling through a hole (thus ending the level) or run out of time. As for me, the Special Level proves a tough task; only few have been able to complete the course all the items and time to spare. Eventually, the idea will just pop up in my head one day when I happen to think about it, and there, the level is solved!

I suppose there is nothing wrong with playing this game while waiting for another Pokemon-related event to happen, right?

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  1. hey when i go to play that game, the screen is like halved to where it shows only a small portion of the screen. it doesnt even show the blocks. can you help me if you know anything about this

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